Our favorite stories and characters are those that have stood up over time, and are true to their specific audience. Some are scary. Some are silly. Some are passionate flights of fancy. And some are sentimental or serious. But they are all enjoyable entertainment that achieved a timelessness by remaining honest and simple.

Daniel BarnhartDaniel Barnhart

As an artist his experience ranges from having been a professional actor, a composer and musician, writer, and co-founder of an educational conservatory theater company.

Along the way he has also been a teacher of troubled and at-risk youth, oil-well worker, catering director, landscape gardener, course curriculum developer for a University, corporate speech writer, Marketing Manager for a toy company and Editorial Director for Saban Entertainment.

Since becoming a father, Daniel has been passionate about developing children’s entertainment properties that have integrity, honesty and artistic quality in order to nurture creativity and self-awareness in young people.  His wife and daughter inspired him to create Messy Anne.

» Daniel@fpoentertainment.com

John UhrichJohn Uhrich

Was selected as part of a nationwide talent search by Image Comics and hired by WildStorm Productions, founded by comic artist legend Jim Lee. He soon become art director for consumer products overseeing countless projects for a resurging comic book collectibles market.

After five years John joined Saban Entertainment, working on Fox Kids Network brands such as Power Rangers and other kids’ television shows. Eventually, John ventured out on his own, continuing to work in the entertainment industry for studios such as Warner Bros., Fox and Bandai as a successful freelance artist.

Now, with over twenty years experience in publishing and entertainment, John has dedicated himself to developing original characters and stories for children that are ideal for books and animation. He loves creating fun characters and exploring imaginary worlds through his art — enjoying any opportunity to turn the ordinary into something unexpected. On most days you can find him at his favorite café, the Pannikin, with a cup of espresso and a sketchbook.

» John@fpoentertainment.com