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When Creativity Tackles Chaos, the Adventure Begins

Messy doesn’t mean to make messes—it’s just that there’s always so much to do. This independent little girl is an imaginative free-spirit whose adventures inevitably erupt into a whirlwind of chaos. Which means Messy ends up facing off against her nemesis, The Monstrosity.

At Messy’s side is her ever present companion, Elizabeth, full of devotion and energy and not much else. There are great examples of the nobility and intelligence of Man’s Best Friend in the world, but Elizabeth is not one of them.

The first book in the Messy Anne series, ‘Messy Anne Meets the Monstrosity’, is now available online and in stores.

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Melissa 'Messy' Anne

A little girl with lots of ideas. She’s a free spirit, an adventurer and a dreamer. Her favorite thing is always the current thing…that is, until the next thing comes along!


There are great examples of the nobility and intelligence of Man’s Best Friend.  Elizabeth is not one of them. She’s a devoted second banana with the IQ of a pistachio nut.

The Monstrosity

Of course, the Monstrosity is just an imagined externalization of her mess;  but to Messy, the Monstrosity is real… and an enemy to be battled!

A Quick Peek into the World of Messy Anne

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