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Bolt Upright: Agent of the Unknown

In the pulp-noir future of 2327 Earth is part of Galactic Government. But dames in trouble still need a champion. The average Joe still needs a ‘Go-To’ guy when things go sour. And the Galaxy still needs a private dick who’s idealistic enough to take on the tough guys…

…and a big enough sap to get played by a pair of pretty eyes.



More bravado than brains, this guy can take one on the chin. (It’s quite a chin). He charges in no matter how high the stakes, how dangerous the odds, or how unprepared he might be. He’s a throwback to the hard-boiled private detectives of yesteryear, and he’s a man with a mission. A single mission. To fight injustice for the little guy. Sometimes…usually…it gets ugly. But as Bolt says: “If you want pretty, get yourself one of those yappy little dog-bots. If you want results, I’m your guy.”

Del Dwan Dey

If Bolt is the brawn, Del is the brains. He makes sure clients cough up the dough and keeps Bolt on track. A master of disguise, he secretly shadows Bolt and bails the big palooka out of trouble when, inevitably, a situation requires more than a ham-fisted solution to problems at hand.


Every guy needs a gal, and Matrice is quite a gal. This bombshell stepped right off the nose-cone pinups of a 1940’s bomber. She’s the daughter of the President of United Space and she’s got a talent for trouble. Luckily, she also has a guy named Bolt to get her out of a jam.

Captain Bob

Part of an alien race with an unspeakable language and unfathomable culture, Captain Bob is one of the millions that assimilated. Unfortunately, as a hive race, they all chose the name of Bob. There are Bob’s in every walk of life. Captain Bob is a copper, and a good one. It helps to have friends in the right places, and that’s what he is for Bolt.


Zelda’s been serving up cheesecake at the Cosmic Café ever since she moved to Earth. And sometimes, it even comes on a plate. She carries a torch for Bolt, but unfortunately, the only sugar she’s been able to serve our dimwitted hero are the two lumps he takes in his coffee.

The President of United Space

A mysterious mystery man, the father of Matrice. Is he a puppet master or a puppet? Even his daughter doesn’t know…or know what he looks like. Conspiracies abound, and it always leads back to him. The question is, IS it him?