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Tales from the Land of Poot

Dragons. Damsels. Danger. …and a 10 year old hero.

Prince Poot John has been under the care of his grandfather since the mysterious disappearance of his parents.

Filled with histories and tales of brave adventures, Poot John sets out on a quest to find his parents, which leads him into a series of adventures.

Of course, being only ten, he must embark in secret.

Armed with only a possibly magic rolling pin and handful of unlikely comrades, he sets out on a journey filled with…

Witches, Wizards and Wishes.

Characters and Story Excerpt

Prince Poot John

An honest, idealistic youth—the kind who believes that “Love conquers all” is an actual Truth of the universe and not just a cliche.  And somehow, the Universe usually bends to his unyielding optimism.  He is a brave lad burning for adventure on a quest to find his parents.

Princess Xia

An outspoken, bossy and brash young sorceress in training.  Her formidable magical potential is often undermined by the overconfident bravado that she uses to hide inexperience, self-doubt and a tender-hearted nature.  A fast friend of the Prince and a cohort for his adventures.


An honest to goodness fire-breathing dragon…who’s afraid of fire.  Companion and protector to Princess Xia.

Old Lord Poot

Once the benevolent and beloved ruler of the kingdom, Old Lord Poot is now merely kindly and befuddled as trusted servants handle the day to day running of things.  He has cared for his grandson since the mysterious disappearance of young Poot John’s parents, and his tendency to drop into a nap mid-sentence allows the Prince many opportunities for exploring and adventure.

Ser Daneus & Ser Jonquil

The Abbot and Costello of Chivalry, these two errant knights-errant are more filled with stories of courage than with actual courage.

Story Excerpt

Chapter Four and One-Half

Poot John soon came to a fork in the trail and stopped, trying to determine whether to turn right or left.  As he pondered, he fingered the Gold Ticket around his neck, thinking about his gnomish friends.  So far his adventure hadn’t been at all like those he’d read in the books.  In those stories, the heroes lived in constant peril and danger, needing all their wits and strength and courage to pass through the trials and traps of their quest.

But so far, he’d gotten out of the castle, past Ser Daneus and Ser Jonquil, escaped being thwarted by Winston (which he was almost certain had never happened before), lifted the gloom spell on the Enchanted Forest, and received a Golden Ticket and the services of two gnomes.  And it all seemed liked an accident.  Or luck.  Or…

The Prince paused and pulled out his rolling pin, looking at it very closely.  “Or magic,” he thought.  Could it really be?  Cook said it had been his Mom’s, and he’d felt that strange warmth and tingle.  “Perhaps…” thought Poot John.  Yes, perhaps he was being helped—maybe even guided and led—by some magical force beyond his knowing.

A surge in confidence and inspiration flowed through him.  He waved his rolling pin in the air, marching boldly to the right hand trail.

And tripped, landing flat on his face.